Core Projects – Involving the Austrian quantum community

Advancing collaborative research beyond the currently available funding schemes is one of the core innovation drivers of our CoE. As of today, the Austrian quantum community boasts around 60 faculty members at the six partner institutions, who have thus far acquired more than 30 ERC and 20 FWF START excellence grants.

quantAs vision is that the best possible teams will form to address the challenges of the research program. In this way, it is intended to keep quantÃA flexible and open to new ideas and emerging directions, while maintaining the core scope.

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Results from the second Core Projects Call 2024

The following Core Projects were selected to be funded:
  • Ion-assisted non-Gaussian quantum states of levitated nanoparticles
    Lead PI: Carlos Gonzalez-Ballestero
    Other PIs: Andreas Deutschmann-Olek, Nikolai Kiesel, Markus Aspelmeyer, Tracy Northup, Oril Romero-Isart
    Involved Institutions: TUW, UNIVIE, UIBK
  • Ion-trap technologies for mesoscopic quantum states
    Lead PI: Markus Arndt
    Other PIs: Roland Wester, Tracy Northup
    Involved Institutions: UNIVIE, UIBK
  • Quantum measurement without a collapse
    Lead PI: Iva Brezinova
    Other PIs: Marcus Huber, Hanns-Christoph Nägerl
    Involved Institutions: TUW, UIBK
  • Controlled hybrid gravitational and electromagnetic interactions near the quantum regime
    Lead PI: Onur Hosten
    Other PIs: Peter Asenbaum, Markus Aspelmeyer, Carlos Gonzalez-Ballestero, Oriol Romero-Isart
    Involved Institutions: ISTA, UNIVIE, TUW, UIBK, ÖAW
  • Rigorous estimates for quantum many-body systems
    Lead PI: Norbert Schuch
    Other PIs: Muguel Navascues, Richard Küng
    Involved Institutions: UNIVIE, ÖAW, JKU
  • Dynamics and thermodynamics of long-range interacting quantum systems
    Lead PI: Thomas Pohl
    Other PIs: Tim Langen, Francesca Ferlaino, Emil Kirilov
    Involved Institutions: ÖAW, TUW, UIBK

Results from the first Core Projects Call 2023

The following Core Projects were selected by the Board of Directors to be funded:
  • Collective nonlinear dynamics in dipole-coupled nanophotonic quantum dot arrays
    Lead PI: Armando Rastelli
    PIs:Heelmut Ritsch; Gregor Weihs
    Involved Institutions: JKU, UIBK
  • Quantum-computer-enhanced imaging
    Lead PI: Thomas Juffmann
    PIs: Iva Brezinova; Philipp Haslinger, Philipp Schindler, Richard Küng
    Involved Institutions: UNIVIE, TUW, UIBK, JKU
  • Entaglement in fermionic quantum matter
    Lead PI: Silke Paschen
    PIs: Julian Leonard; Hannes Pichler, Norbert Schuch, Peter Zoller
    Involved Institutions: TUW, UIBK, UNIVIE, ÖAW
  • Quantum Simulators for Quantum Field Theories
    Lead PI: Hanns-Christoph Nägerl
    PIs: Jörg Schmiedmayer
    Involved Institutions: UIBK, TUW
  • Optimal quantum sensors & quantum sensing networks
    Lead PI: Benjamin Lanyon
    PIs: Caslav Brukner, Wolfgang Dür; Thomas Monz, Philipp Walther, Peter Zoller
    Involved Institutions: UIBK, UNIVIE
  • Programmable quantum simulators with long-range interactions
    Lead PI: Julian Leonard
    PIs: Francesca Ferlaino, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Thomas Pohl
    Involved Institutions: TUW. ÖAW, UNIVIE
  • A Hybrid Polar Molecule - Superconducting Circuit Platform
    Lead PI: Jörg Schmiedmayer
    PIs: Johannes Fink
    Involved Institutions: TUW, ISTA
  • Local operations on quantum fields
    Lead PI: Miguel Navascues
    PIs: Markus P. Müller, Borivoje Dakic, Caslav Brukner
    Involved Institutions: ÖAW, UNIVIE
  • Variational approach to quantum dynamics and entangled state preparation
    Lead PI: Maksym Serbyn
    PIs: Hannes Pichler, Norbert Schuch
    Involved Institutions: ISTA, UIBK, UNIVIE
  • Exploiting collective effects in circuit QED for bio inspired light harvesting, photon transfer and nonclassical light sources
    Lead PI: Gerhard Kirchmair
    PIs: Johannes Fink, Helmut Ritsch
    Involved Institutions: UIBK, ISTA
  • Quantum Optics with Coherent Quantum Feedback in the Many-Body Regime
    Lead PI: Hannes Pichler
    PIs: Peter Zoller, Armando Rastelli, Gregor Weihs, Gerhard Kirchmair
    Involved Institutions: UIBK, JKU
  • Controlling the quantum world - control engineering meets quantum science
    Lead PI: Andreas Deutschmann-Olek
    PIs: Markus Aspelmeyer, Jörg Schmiedmayer, Gregor Weihs, Nikolai Kiesel, Andreas Kugi