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There are three ways to have your projects funded by us: Core Projects, Discovery Projects and the quantA Fellowship program. 

Check out the latest calls in the sections Discovery Projects (open June 15, 2024) and quantA Fellowship Program (open June 20, 2024).

Core Projects – Involving the Austrian quantum community
Advancing collaborative research beyond the currently available funding schemes is one of the core innovation drivers of our CoE. As of today, the Austrian quantum community boasts around 60 faculty members at the six partner institutions, who have thus far acquired more than 30 ERC and 20 FWF START excellence grants.

quantAs vision is that the best possible teams will form to address the challenges of the research program. In this way, it is intended to keep quantÃA flexible and open to new ideas and emerging directions, while maintaining the core scope.

Explore our funded projects:
Discovery Projects
While all research within quantA must, by definition, be within defined scientific scope, Discovery Projects are shorter projects that seek to break potential mental barriers in the field of quantum science. Because unconventional goals and approaches often originate from younger scientists, this program is reserved for them, i.e. the senior PhD students, postdocs, and quantA Fellows.
quantA Fellows
quantA Fellows
quantA Fellows are expected to contribute their own ideas and thus they will extend the Research Unit beyond what is foreseen by our objectives, but always in the general scope of fundamental quantum science.