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Quantum research has achieved amazing results in the understanding and control of ever more complex systems and thus it has opened a door to a new universe of questions and opportunities.

The unique expertise available in Austria will be the basis for investigating outstanding fundamental questions in the three research areas of quant:

  • Quantum Nature of Space, Time, and Gravity (STG)

  • New Paradigms for Quantum Information Science (QIS)

  •  Physics of Engineered Quantum Many-Body Systems (MBS)

These areas are strongly linked: for example, many-body correlations may significantly increase measurement capabilities such as the sensitivity to gravitational effects, while the quantum information approach to understanding many-body systems will lead to new insights into the emergence of physical theories at different scales while facilitating the practical development of complex quantum devices.   

All three research areas have interesting and important open questions, of which we have selected the ones we deem most relevant and promising to outline our long-term research program. They are promising because through the recent technical developments within the consortium and elsewhere we are now in a situation to make substantial progress: 

  • While we are conscious of the fact that a theory of quantum gravity may remain elusive for much longer, we may soon be able to answer some of the questions in STG via experiment. Among them: How is it that our macroscopic world appears to be classical, without quantum “weirdness”, and what does “macroscopic” even mean? Are quantum physics and general relativity really incompatible and will gravity collapse quantum superpositions? Is our classical arrow of time a consequence of the quantum-classical transition or will we be able to trace it back to the quantum level after all?  
  • In QIS, rather than investigating the usual question of what quantum systems can do beyond the capabilities of classical ones, we will ask instead whether hybrid, distributed and multi-dimensional systems can do what no ordinary quantum processor can. The interface between QISand MBS on the other hand, will be fruitful in using its extremely efficient descriptions to describe features and properties of quantum many-body systems. 
  • In this spirit of pushing the limits, in MBS we will investigate how a programmable quantum simulator could lead to insights into many-body phenomena ranging from topologically ordered phases of matter to the emergence of universal dynamics out of equilibrium. Controlled simulation and learnability of unknown system parameters are two important aspects of the state-of-the-art model systems built and operated by our team. 
    Our long-term goal is to obtain new fundamental and breakthrough insights that might challenge what we currently know about quantum science by expanding its domain in terms of space, time, interactions, and complexity through theoretical and experimental research. In the following section we will frame this vision into concrete questions and objectives for the first five year of quant

Quantum researchers within quantA may apply for funding for the organization of workshops and conferences in Austria, aligned with quantA’s research areas.

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2nd quantA Workshop 2024

On June 13 and 14, all project partners of the cluster will meet at the Moonstone Building of the Institute for Science and Technolog Austria for the second joint workshop.

We are happy to announce the second quanta workshop!

TIME: June 13 (noon) – June 14 (noon)
PLACE: Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Am Campus 1, A-3400 Klosterneuburg

Our goal is to connect the Austrian quantum science community in its full breath:

  • get updated on quantA science, news, the new core projects and upcoming opportunities
  • students and postdocs are all highly encouraged to participate (including those who are not funded through quantA)
  • there will be ample time for informal discussions, a poster session and a joint dinner
  • it is a great chance to meet up with your core project teams and/or 
  • to form new collaborations and foster new ideas
  • it's also a great opportunity to get to know ISTA (campus, groups, labs, facilities)
  • and we plan a parallel admin meeting

If you have further inputs or suggestions on discussion points, the workshop program or any recent scientific highlights that should be picked up for the workshop, please contact Johannes Fink at no later than May 1, 2024.

All quantA partners can participate. Please register asasp for the Workshop to secure your spot:

More infos on the program will follow in the next few weeks.

2nd quantA Workshop 2024 - quantA : Quantum Science Austria

We celebrate the

Around the World Quantum Day the partners of the cluster offer various activities and materials for students, pupils and anyone interested in the exciting world of quanta. 
In cooperation with VCQ we have compiled everything here.

We celebrate the
WORLD QUANTUM DAY - quantA : Quantum Science Austria

Aus­tri­a's quan­tum sci­ence is tak­ing off

The FWF Cluster of Excellence for quantum sciences has been officially launched in Innsbruck. As part of the Excellence Initiative, the Clusters of Excellence are Austrian beacons of basic research. Quantum Science Austria (quant) brings together over 60 research groups in Innsbruck, Vienna, Linz and Klosterneuburg and is intended to strengthen Austria's leading position in quantum science in the long term.

Aus­tri­a's quan­tum sci­ence is tak­ing off - quantA : Quantum Science Austria